How to distinguish 月 and

The difference between the month and Ji Rifue: Look at the plants

Ji Rifue, is a small variety in the day, so in the appearance, the individual size of the month is slightly greater than Ji Riffi.

Different differences between the month and Ji Wei: Look at the color

The surface of the fan was made of white powder, slightly purple, and the low temperature and strong light of Ji Riffin was formed.Ji Ruan Yue will be green in the absence of light, but it will not be so green as fast.

The difference between the month and Ji Riffin: look at the leaves and flowers

Ji Riles are waxed, and the leaves are extended, and they have the tip of the white powder or leaf.Leaf color brown, leaf is a pepper, the leaves are more pointed, and the yellow small flowers are opened.The blade of the silk month is an ovitable, or the leaves are lavender or gray green, flowers five-star, white, and the flow rate is from 3 to 4 months.

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