How to grow succulents with eggshells

How to grow succulents with eggshells

First of all, we need to prepare the raw materials, then make the first step, break the eggs, pour out the egg liquid inside, and use our hands to get out of our favorite shape. It is best not to use scissors, because too neat will affect the beauty. Be careful not to break the eggshell. After finishing the water, rinse it with water, and the remaining part can supplement the soil to supplement nutrition.

Next, you must fill the soil. The soil must be more loose and breathable. The planting soil can be mixed with beautiful pictures and perlite. The proportion is about 4 to 1. The coconut shreds in the beautiful soil are both beautiful and can also be used to fix the flesh. Because the egg shells are relatively small and easy to break, we can use a small spoon to help fill.

Then you can put the flesh in the eggshell. It is best to choose a relatively small and exquisite fleshy body. After putting the succulent in the flesh, our eggshell succulent is completed. According to the planting environment of plants, choose whether to punch. If the flowers are afraid of flowing out of the water, they can not punch, but they must be appropriate when watering.

Finally, it is placed. This is more casual. You can put it on the egg bent, or you can make a good -looking egg stand on your own. You can make it with a paper cup, egg beef, etc.

Well, Xiaobian is here, is it very exciting, so quickly make a unique and cute egg shell fleshy!

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