How to raise the salamu flower at home

Causes of poor growth

The sleep temperature of the osmanthus is between zero to five degrees. But now many cities in winter are centrally heating. The indoor temperature is mostly 15 degrees. When such temperatures, the osmanthus will break sleep, early to make the exhibition, not only can accumulate nutrients, but also expensive The nutrients, there is a false prosperity. When I arrived in the spring, delicate branches can’t afford to do it crazy, soon it will be dry. If you have been 2-3 years, the whole osmanthus will die.


Family with garden, placing the osmanthus in the garden in the garden, dig a pit according to the size of the flower pot, put the flower pot into the pit, flush with flower pots, take the frame, cover with plastic film I.e. Friends who have no garden can put osmanthus on the balcony, isolate the balcony with indoor air, prevent heating from going in the balcony, relying on the natural temperature of the balcony, can meet the sleep requirements of osmanthus

Precautions when entering spring

In spring, as the temperature gradually increases, the window of the balcony can be opened, and the temperature of the balcony is adapted to the warmth of the outdoor. When the average temperature reaches the zero degree or more, all the windows of the balcony can be opened.

Summer payment

Prevent drying is an important part of raising osmanthus. If the air is hot and dry, the ventilation is not well, and the growth and development of osmanthus is very unfavorable. When home maintenance opens windows, be sure to increase air humidity, and can spray water around the osmanthus, splashing water to the ground, and reluctantly evaporate with moisture to create a humid environment.

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