Ivy is the flower?

First, what?

Ivy is a normally green absorbent. The stem branches are gantogenous, and the young branches are scales soft hair. Leaf whole, two crackers, length 10cm, width 3 ~ 8cm, pioneering, base wedge, full or 3 shallow cracked; leaves elliptical oval or elliptical lancer on flower branches, length 5 ~ 12cm, width 1 ~ 8cm, tip, base wedge, full edge. Umbrella or 2 ~ 7 top born; small flower, yellowish or green white, 5 counts; subrides under the lower, flower columns together into column. Fruit round, berry, yellow or red. Flowers from May to August, fruit from 9 to November. Attached to the rock wall of the trunk or the wet rock wall of the village in the broad-leaved forest. It is produced in the south of Shaanxi, Gansu and the Yellow River Basin to South China and Southwest.

Second, common varieties

Chinese Changchunva: Old branches of Chinese Changchun vine, young branches are light, and they are raw roots of scales, branches. Leaves, dark green, long handle, leaf triangular oval in nutrient branches, full or three shallow cracked; foliage ovate on flower branches to diamonds. 9 ~ November blossom, small, light green, with a waved. Nuclear spheres, orange yellow, mature in the following year.

Japan Changchunva: Changchun vine in Japan, evergreen vine. Leaf, dark green, light, nutrient branches and leaves, often trickery; proliferated leaf ovarlic lanceolate or ovoids. Top raw umbrella, yellow green. Follow the black. Original Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Golden Heart Ivy: Golden Heart Changchun is a horticultural variant in the ivy family, 3 cracked in the middle, and the center is tender yellow, and the viewing value is high.

Western ivy: evergreen vine, the stem length can reach 30 meters, the leaves are 10 cm, often 3 ~ 5 cracked, the leaves of the flowers are generally full. Leaves dark green, leaves on green, peduncle and tender stem with gray white star hair, fruit black.

Ivy, Canada: It is often climbed from the heritage of the vine. Leaf ovate, base heart shape, length 5 to 25 cm long, 10 to 15 cm wide, full edge, light green, lower leaves 3 to 7 cracked, total bits or cone sequence, fruit black.

叶 常 春:………………………………………

Silver side ivy: often green climbing shrubs, cultivated Hubei.

Krum Changchun ivy: leaf loom, 3 shallow cracked, bright green, and obvious casters.

Ice and Snow Ivy: Short stem, small leaves. The leaves are smaller, 3 to 4 cm long, 2 to 3 cm wide, leaflet green, with white to yellow-green ribbed.

Ivy, Sweden: Although the name is Sweden, it is native to Australia. This leaves are circular, and the leaves have semi-circular sawtooth. Ye thick, shiny, yellow green, leaf back is purple, and the stranches are often square, and there is soft hair.

Third, the application

View value: the leaves and leafs of Ivy variations, the four seasons are evergreen, which is a beautiful cluistic plant, which can be used as a shackwork or a wall vertical green. It is also suitable for indoor potted cultivation, and it is also very good indoor viewed leaf plant, can be used as potted, hanging baskets, totems, plants, etc. Ivy is also a configuration material of cut flowers. In addition, it is well used in conjunction with other plants.

Purifying air: Ivy is currently absorbing the most effective indoor plants of formaldehyde, and the blades per square meter of ivy can absorb the formaldehyde 1.48 mg. The total amount of the blade of Ivy of 2 pots is about 0.78 square meters. At the same time, Ivil can also absorb the benzene toxic and hazardous substances, and 90% of the indoor benzene can be absorbed under 24 hours of light. According to the speculation, 10 square meters of room, only need to put it on 2-3 Basin Temple, which can make the effect of purifying the air, it can also adsorb particulate dust.

Fourth, meaning

Ivy – combined love, faithful, friendship, emotion. Ivy is thought to be a magical plant, and symbolizes loyalty. In Greek mythology, Ivil represents Drink God: Dionysus, has a symbolic meaning of joy and vitality. It also symbolizes immortality and eternal youth.

Ivy – Friendship, Marry, Never Isolated. Ivy is a very beautiful evergreen vine plant, indicating that spring long, so there is a beautiful name “Changchun vine”, deeply loved. Send a friend of Changchun, representing the tree of friendship. If a friend gets married, it will not have a beautiful figure of Changchun vine in the bouquet of the bride. I wish “Happy Newly Wedding, Belt old.”

Ivy is a birthday flower in April 8, and the flower language is infered. Before the British used a sudden in the sixteenth century, he used Ivy to brew beer because it was mixed into the wheat, which would make wheat into beer. Therefore, the flowers of Ivy are – informing. Anyone who is born in this flower blessing has a great sensitivity, which can affect others, maybe you are suitable for a politician or entrepreneur? There is also a great influence against lovers, and the other party will subtract the other side into the type of your favorite.

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