Nanyue’s variety

Silver sweet

Silver sweet nutamuchedr, Ye Ru name, the leaves are silver gray, which is the south of the vertigo, the branches are sag.

Chilean South

Also known as Nanxus, the height is approximately 30-50 cm, the leaves are lanceolate, the first end bend, the degeneration is in the upper part of the main branch, the zone is arranged, the length is 5 cm, the left leaves are 2.5 cm, and the two sides are deep green. , With the sauce, the ball is erected, the ball is circular or elliptical.


Also known as the heroic nanuku, Norfolk Nanyongxi, Guangdong area called the nanoheine in the nano, and the fence is cold, the trunk is upright, the branches are stretched, and the round is born. The leaves are drilled, the two sides are slightly flat, the length is 7-18 mm, and the end sharp pointers.

The ball is close to the spherical, the barenness is bent upwards, the original Australian Norfolk Island, China has introduced.

Norfolk Nambu is a garden ornamental product, and there is a height of 30 meters or more, and it is warm and sunshine. It can endure high temperature at 40 ° C, and can have a low temperature of zero 5 ° C, and can survive around the north latitude 27 ° C.

Da Ye Nanyang

Also called Tita, Oceani, Broad Ye Nambu, Preads Nanyahuo, Tree, in the origin of 50 meters.

The bark thick, darkish brown, branches flat, lateral branches, sag, small branches, smooth hairless.

Leaf ovate lanceolate, 18-35 mm long, the leaves of the seeds and the leaves and the leaves of the old tree and the leaves of the old trees are long, and the leaves of the leaves in the middle of the small branches are long, old trees and The leaf arrangement at both ends of the branch is secretly.

Fruit spherical, the secondary end of the squad is triangular. The seeds are primarily hypertrophy, exposed, elliptical, wound on both sides.

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