Pour the common variety

Big flower

Establishing a mortal red, flowers violet, red or white, a lot of gardening varieties.

Short tube fell

Calyx is red, petal purple.

White pendant

It is a cultivated hybrid. Calyx white, longer, splitter, red petals.

The length of the pour

The strain is 1 to 2 meters, sponged, and the lower part is a chine stem. The branches are slightly juicy, with red, long leaves, 10 ~ 20 cm long, 5 to 12 cm wide. Calyx long tubular shape, base is elongated, fresh red, 5 ~ 7.5 cm long. The petals are short, length 1 cm, deep red.


The branches are elongated, and they are bleed.

Coral red pouring gold clock

Crossed dwarf breed, dark, spectacular; ca cry red, corolla.

Spherical short tube

The branches are hanging, the leaf is red, the pediced long sepal crimson; the petals are bright blue, the length is about 1/2 of the chute.

Transfer of a different color short tube

The branched dwarf variety, the branches are dark. Small leaves, 3 rounds, ovate lanceolate. Small spectacles, most; crute red, tubular portion is fine; petal blunt, smaller pneumatosis.

Leshi short tube fell

The branches are elongated. The leaf is small. Great and sagging; calyx is bright red, petals cord.

Three-leaf plug-in

Numerous bushes, 20 ~ 50 cm high, Ye Chang 3 rounds, leaf table green, leaf back fresh red brown, leaf velvet. Flower red, 4 cm long, the cutting of the tube is long, the petals are very short.

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