Spider -orchid’s reproduction method

Spider -orchid’s reproduction method


The breeding of the ball is suitable for the combination of the basin in spring. Spider orchids are cultivated in a cool and ventilated place in summer. In winter, the sun should be guaranteed. It is best to place it in the greenhouse. After entering the flowering period, watering must be fully watered. This kind of flowers are happy and wet, but cannot be exposed to the sun. When cultivating in the open field, pay attention to keep warm and cultivate more in the greenhouse for cultivation. The soil requirements are not high, suitable for humidity and a certain sticky soil. Phalaenopsis is divided into two ways: potted plants and ground planting.


Most of them are carried out in spring. According to the proportion of garden soil, corrupt leaf soil and sand 3 to 1, the cultivation soil can be added, and a small amount of chicken feces can be added as fertilizer. After leaving the room, as the temperature is getting higher and higher, the amount of watering should also increase. It is best to spray it in the morning in summer, and then pour water through the afternoon, so that the soil is in a wet state. In winter, reduce watering and prevent waterlogging. The sun should be reduced from June to September, and it should be placed in a semi -yin and keeping 40%to 50%of the light transmission.

Land planting

Putting fresh roots in April with sufficient light can promote root activities well. Planting can be carried out in late May. You should choose to be in the sun, sufficient light, and fertile soil. In autumn, it is deeply cultivated about 40 cm and fertilized and flattened. In the spring of the next year, plowing again and planting after fertilization. Each spider orchid is 15 ~ 20 cm intervals, and the surface is covered with 3 to 5 cm. Watering and fertilizing the appropriate amount and weeding in time. After late autumn, dig out the pseudocytes and place it in a dry place. The room temperature is higher than 7 degrees.

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