The breeding method of snake -eyed chrysanthemum

The breeding method of snake -eyed chrysanthemum


Snake -eyed chrysanthemums like light, and generally require sufficient light, but they can still resist half of it.


When breeding snakes, it should be noted that snake chrysanthemums are more afraid of heat and are not cold -resistant.

Water and fertilizer

When breeding, snake -eyed chrysanthemums generally maintain high air humidity, and must keep the water sufficient and not too dry.It is not rain.Generally keep the air humidity between 65%and 75%.

When fertilizing, generally follow the fertilizer and keep the element balance.Keep water fertilizer in the peak growth season, and appropriately control fertilization after blooming.

Precautions for breeding of snake -eyed chrysanthemum

Pay attention point

Snake chrysanthemum likes a moist environment, but it should not be too humid and not too much fertilizer, which will cause fatigue.

When the flowering duration is relatively long, some fertilizer can be applied at the root.At the same time, pay attention to too much fertilization, and the plants are easy to fall.


The breeding of snake -eyed chrysanthemums is generally sowing and breeding, and sowing can be performed in spring and autumn.

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