The difference between cat mint and mint

Taste difference

We all know that mint has a fragrant smell. There are many varieties. Each has a cool fragrance. There are various colors such as white, pink, and purple, and low -key but not publicity.Cat Mint is also called Nepeta, perennial herb, but it is not the same thing with mint.Cat mint smells mint, and cat mint smells no special taste, but that taste will excite the cat.As for mint, most cats hate this taste.


Mint edible parts are stems and leaves, can also be squeezed, can also be used as flavoring agents, and can be used as spices. It also has edible value such as wine and tea.

Cat mint not only excites cats, but also has the effect of vomiting cats, but its role is very short. Cats will not be addicted and will not produce side effects.Even if you buy cat mint, you should always pay attention not to use the cats frequently, otherwise they will only lick, no longer roll, and even cause breathing difficulties.

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