The difference between the use of potassium permanganate and multi -bacterial spirit

Use of potassium permanganate and multi -bacterial spirit

When raising flowers, use potassium permanganate, note that it is used as a sterilization disinfection agent to prevent diseases and insect pests. The fungal spirit also has such effects, and its role is very extensive.

The difference between potassium permanganate and multi -bacterial spirit

Potassium permanganate is a strong oxidant. When used, it is generally used for sterilization and disinfection of seeds, flower pots and soil. The pure oxygen secreted by it can kill bacteria. It is very short. Under normal circumstances, the sterilization effect of potassium permanganate can only last about 2 hours.

Multi -bacterial spirit is a widely used sterilizer, which has a good prevention and treatment effect on pests and insect pests. Generally, multi -bacterial spirit can be used on the disinfection of leaf surface spray and seeds and soil.

Compared to potassium permanganate, multi -bacteria are low toxic, and be careful when used. The second is the effect of multi -bacterial spirit. Multiococcus can last about 7 days, and the efficacy is still very long -lasting, but the consequences of this is that many bacteria will produce resistance to it, which is difficult to completely eradicate.

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