The most strange plant in the world


Rafflesia Arnoldii, also known as the king flower, is known as the world’s largest flower. This parasitic plant has the largest flower in the plant world, and the flowers can grow to three feet diameter. Arnold has a lot of flowers and colorful colors. The spots on it make it look like adolescent children with acne faces. It is irritating and stinky. Fortunately, people can only discover such parasites in Sumatra and Borneo in Sumatra and Borneo in Indonesia. There is a hole in the middle of this flower that can take 6 or 7 boasting water. It has no stems and leaves.

African egret flower: meat -colored flowers that emit corruption

This kind of peanuts called Hydnora Africana grow in the drought and barren desert areas in South Africa. It is a peculiar flesh -colored parasitic flower that sucks the rhizomes of nearby shrubs. The foul flowers clusters attracted a group of corpse beetles. If you smell the stench of corpse when you stroll the Namibia Desert, it is not a rotten meat, but a root parasitic Hydnora Africana.

Fudu Lily

Dracunculus Vulgaris exudes meat -like smells, flowers -like, colors like Burgundy wine, there are many thin black branches and leaves around, scientific name AKA Arum Dracunculus, and other various images: “Dragon -shaped black potato”, ” Fudu lily “,” snake -shaped lily “,” black sea taro “,” black dragon “,” dragon -shaped plant “,” odor lily “. In Greece, it is called “Drakondia”, like a dragon or poisonous snake entangled in the buds of Buddhist flames. It grows in the Bargan Peninsula, the European Mediterranean region, the Crete Island and the Aegean Islands in Greece, and the vast area of ​​the Aegean Islands.

Giant Konjac

Giant konjac has a straight appearance. This spectacular structure is actually its inflorescence. When Furchilder’s tropical park blooms in Florida, giant konjac is 6 feet long. The seeds of this plant were first collected by Dr. Jim Simon during the adventure of Sumatra, Indonesia. In recent years, Giant Konjac has bloomed three times in Filchild Tropical Park. These flowers (inflorescences) are very interesting, because they can release the filthy smell. These odors can attract corpse beetles and other pollen spreaders. The smell is usually the taste of carrion. However, different types exuding different odors, some odors have a unique urine smell, some smell the taste like carrion, and there is a scent exuding butadic acid. Therefore, it is often called “corpse smelly flower”, which is incredible that this plant can grow 6 to 7 inches a day.


Valemishan is a strange tree -like object, one of the oldest species in the world. People have previously learned about it only from fossils with a history of 120 million years. In 1994, the living group was discovered. Their bark is very peculiar, looks like a chocolate foam, with multiple trunks and fern leaves growing in spiral. They can grow to 125 feet high.


The centenary leaves have only two leaves in their lives. Only these two leaves will grow until it grows into a completely different life form. The longer the tree stems will grow thicker, rather than the longer, it can eventually grow to nearly 6 feet high and 24 feet wide. Its life span is about 400 to 1500 years old. Hundred -year -old Ye grew up in Namibia, which is believed to be residual species in the Jurassic period.


Drakaea Glyptodon is an orchid plant. Its color and taste are like raw meat. Followed by male Hornets. Drakaea is an endangered species in Lanke plants, which are born in Australia. It is usually called “Hammer Orchids”. The name refers to the shape of Drakaea and the way it moves, just like a hammer. Drakaea was named after the name of a plant artist Durak. Durak separated Drakaea from other plants in the 19th century to help British classified scholars know. The characteristic of the Drakaea family is that it has an insect -like lips, attached to a narrow hinge stem. The stems are only hinged back, and there are wing pillars with pollen and stigma.

The smallest flower in the world: Wu Genping

Wu Genping is the smallest flower in the world. The 12 non -rooting ping is as big as one big head needle, and the two blooming Wu Genping just put it in a small print letter “O”. There are 9 to 11 categories, including the smallest flowering plants on the earth. These aquatic plants are also called “Weiping”, like corn flour floating on the water. Wu Genping is a germ that is freely drifting on the water surface, green or yellow -green, without root. The flowers grow slowly at the top of the plant, with a stamen and a pistil. They often form a floating mat with related plants such as Shui Ping family and fluffy plants such as Shuiping family and fluttering plants.

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