These 5 kinds of fruits are most suitable for planting in the pot


Many people like to cultivate strawberries at home. Its plants are relatively small. Potted planting is very suitable. It can also be cultivated.

Generally, strawberry pot plants are placed on the balcony or window sill, etc. When planting, you can choose four seasons strawberries, so that you can grow in four seasons.

The simpler thing when breeding strawberries is to buy strawberry seedlings directly.


Cherry is also a very common fruit. It has a relatively short varieties that are suitable for potted plants to cultivate. However, if you want to cultivate cherries, you need grafting to result.

Cherry likes a mild environment and needs to keep the soil moist but not accumulated water. When potted, the idiot has good soil drainage and is rich in humus.


Guava is a very delicious fruit, which is generally cultivated by cuttings. The cuttings of cuttings are best for 3/4 years, so that the breeding can take about 1/2 years.

Farming guava should be kept warm and humid, and there is sufficient light. Pay attention to cold prevention in winter, not too low temperature.


Raspia is also a fruit that can be cultivated in potted plants. Because of its high price, it is pretty good for its potted plants.

Potted pots, choose short perennial varieties of plants, and often trim. Fertilizer must keep up, and soon can flow and bear fruit.


Blueberries are actually popular potted fruits. Generally, you can choose the variety of dwarf rods.

Pay attention to sufficient light when potted blueberries. The soil should be loose and disinfected before using it.

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