These flower raising rumors may have cheated you for many years!Don’t be fooled anymore

Rumor 1: Volatile potted plants are harmful to the human body indoors

Truth: In fact, the concentration of volatile substances of flowers is very low in the air. Before it can reach the concentration of human health, it can produce a strong smell stimulus. At this time, you only need to move it away or do a good job in time. Therefore, it can be cultivated indoors.

Rumor 2: The green plants in the home can deal with haze days

Truth: Potted plants do not actively absorb the dust particles in the air. Except for a certain adsorption effect on dust, there is no special function in the face of haze.

Rumor 3: Green plants such as cactus can prevent radiation prevention

Truth: Research now shows that the strength of the electromagnetic field around the home appliances such as computers is far less than the limit of security standards, so there is no need to worry about it, and there is no need to prevent computer radiation. In addition, the potted cactus is better than other things and has no scientific basis.

Rumor 4: Putting succulent plants at home may endanger the heart

Truth: The toxic substances contained in the succulent plants of Qifengjin and Euphorbiaceae can indeed cause the symptoms of poisoning in the heart. However, if you do not consume or contact the juice, simply placing ornamental will not cause poisoning or heart problems.

Rumor 5: Green plants and bamboo charcoal can effectively absorb formaldehyde

Truth: Activated carbon substances such as bamboo charcoal can only play a adsorption effect on formaldehyde and cannot really absorb formaldehyde. Although spinal orchids and other plants have a certain ability to absorb formaldehyde, the actual absorption is limited. Usually do a good job of opening window ventilation.

Rumor 6: Tiger thorn plums and other green plants contain carcinogenic substances that cannot be planted at home

Truth: Potted flowers such as tiger thorn plums do have a substance that promote the effect of cancer, but the content is not high. As long as it is not taken orally, the body does not absorb these substances. Causes cancer.

Rumor Seven: Family Pig Cage Grass can catch mosquitoes

The truth: The staple food of pig cages is ants such as ants. The capture efficiency of mosquitoes is actually low. Sometimes their insects can also become a breeding place for mosquitoes, so they cannot expect them to extinguish mosquitoes. In addition, pig cage grass is extremely sensitive to the air humidity of the growth environment, and it is difficult for families to maintain it.

Rumor 8: Night Green Plant Association “compete” oxygen with people

Truth: Green plants will consume oxygen at night, but it will release a lot of oxygen during the day, and compared with humans, the oxygen consumed can almost ignore it, so there is no problem of “competing” oxygen with people. Instead, it can make the air in the air. Have more oxygen ions.

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