What is organic fertilizer

Introduction to organic fertilizer

General sense

Organic fertilizers in a broad sense refer to farmhouse fertilizer, including various animal and plant residues or metabolites, such as human excrement, straw, etc., and also include cake fertilizer, which can effectively improve the physical and chemical performance of the soil.

narrow sense

Organic fertilizer in the narrow sense refers to various animal waste and plant residues. After certain processing, it is processed to eliminate harmful substances to achieve fertilizer formed by harmless standards.

Organic fertilizer classification

Organic fertilizers can be divided into agricultural waste, poultry and livestock, industrial waste, domestic waste, urban sludge, modernization, etc.

Organic fertilizer

First, organic fertilizer can improve the soil and cultivate fertilizer, and create good soil conditions for the growth of the plant;

Second, organic fertilizer can increase crop yield and improve the quality of agricultural products;

Third, organic fertilizer can improve the utilization rate of fertilizers.

Precautions for organic fertilizer use

First, the application of biological organic fertilizer should not be too deep. Excessive depth of the deepening of biological fertilizer will affect the activity of biological fertilizer;

Second, biological organic fertilizer is best used alone;

Third, the organic fertilizer of the acupoint can make the seedlings absorb nutrients faster, activate the soil, and better promote the rapid growth and development of plant root systems.

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