What is water moss

Introduction to Water Moss

Water moss, also known as peat moss, is usually composed of two parts: stems and leaves, and there is no real root and vascular bundle.Water moss likes the dark and humid, and usually grows on the exposed stone walls, a large forest and a swamp.

Water moss ingredient

Water moss contains hidden yellow quality and various types of carotene. Rotten water moss has strong acidity.



First, as a natural moss, clean and sterile can reduce the occurrence of pests and insect pests;

Second, water moss has strong water retention and drainability;

Third, the ventilation performance of water moss is good;

Fourth, water moss is not easy to corrupt, and the use period is long. It does not need to replace all materials when it is used as a potted substrate;

Fifth, water moss can be moisturized in the upper part of the matrix. Putting on the bottom of the pot can prevent the loss of the matrix and improve the moisturizing and breathability of the matrix.


When the water moss rots, it will produce acid. When watering the plant, it will bring acid to the plant, which is not conducive to the growth of the plant.

Water moss applicable plants

Water moss is widely used in the cultivation of various orchids, which is a good material for planting and cultivation matrix.

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