The difference between falling sunflower and Fujima


The sunflower is native to the tropical region of Asia. Falling sunfall can survive in high temperature and high humidity environments. Falling sunflow has medicinal value, edible value and ornamental value. The stems of the sunflower are long, and there are no fluff on the surface. The leaves are oval -shaped, with a length of about 3 cm to 9 cm, a width of about 2 cm to 8 cm. The tip of the leaves is pointed. 6 mm, the color is between red and black, and the fruit juice is strong. The flowering period is from May to September, and the fruiting period is from July to October.

Teng Sanqi is native to Brazil. Its reproduction method is: stems and vine cuts, bud buds. Teng Sanqi likes to grow in a suitable temperature and humid environment. Teng Sanqi has edible value. The leaves of Teng Sanqi look like a heart -shaped, with a length of about 2 cm to 6 cm and a width of about 1.5 cm to 5.5 cm. The tip of the leaf is more sharp. Flower period from June to July.

Different effects

A long time ago was eaten as vegetables, because the shape, feel, and thick leaves of its leaves seemed like fungus. Many people called it “fungus dish”, which is also the origin of the name “fungus”. It is rich in nutrients, of which calcium and iron and other trace elements have the highest content. It has the effects of cooling blood, detoxification, heat clearing, etc., and can treat skin inflammation, bustling, dysentery, constipation and other diseases. Because of its small fat and low calories, it is often used to reduce blood pressure, which is very suitable for the elderly. Its calcium content is 2 to 3 spinach, so it is also the first choice for calcium supplement.

Teng Sanqi’s leaves can cook a variety of dishes, which can be used for soup, cold mixing, and stir -fry. Its roots can also be eaten, soup and other ways to eat eggs, which have the effects of promoting blood circulation, dispersing stasis, strong waist and strong knees, and swelling.

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