When will the flexion flower bloom?

The flowering period of flexion flowers

Ququan is a plant that blooms in spring and summer. The flowering period is generally in May.

The flowers of flexion flowers are generally purple or white. It is a family of cross flower, with 4 petals, and the flowers also exudes aroma.

The flexion flower can be used as a combination of potted flowers for viewing, or it can also be used as a layout of flowers and rock gardens.

Flower period of flexion flowers

When breeding and flexion, it should be noted that if too much fertilization, it will cause its branches and leaves to appear long.

Fertilizer, but if the fertilizer is insufficient, the branches and leaves will be slender, the leaves are yellow, and they will bloom less or not bloom.Therefore, when fertilizing, you must fertilize in time.In the period of strong growth in spring and summer, fertilization can be applied. When entering autumn, fertilization should be reduced, and fertilization should be stopped in winter.

In order to make the flexion flowers better flowering, it needs to be trimmed. Generally, it is trimmed after flowering, cutting off the losing flowers, which can extend its flowering period.

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