You don’t know that it can be so beautiful!

1 money strings

A string of ancient coins like ancient coins, the name of the money string is really not false. Such a strange shape, no matter where you hang it, will make people amazing!

Main points of maintenance:

Do not like water, avoid stagnant water during maintenance, and apply thin liquid fertilizer every half month. In the summer high temperature, enter the dormant period, control watering, and reduce the exposure.

2 love

The heart -shaped leaves of love represent the beautiful meaning, and it can also absorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde. It is a plant that integrates two different plants.

Main points of maintenance:

Avoid strong light in summer, otherwise the leaves will be easily burned. Once a month, nitrogen fertilizer is applied to less phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Watering sees dry and wet, do not accumulate water for potting soil.

3 Ji Qiuli

Ji Qiuli’s leaves are like jade, delicate and small, and hanging on the window sill is also a beautiful landscape.

Main points of maintenance:

The stronger the light, the greater the temperature difference. The better the color of Ji Qiuli, the better, everyone should try to put Ji Qiuli in a place with sufficient light. Do not accumulate water. When the summer is hot, it needs to be properly controlled.

4 peach eggs

(Picture Author: Falling Purple Flower Source: Multi -meat)

The peach egg leaves are round and moist, with a faint purple, which is very lovely.

Main points of maintenance:

If the peach eggs have charming purple, sufficient light is essential. In summer, water control is also needed. Try to pour as much as possible in the evening when watering.

5 Zixuanyue

Zixuanyue grows very fast. When the light is full, the leaves will change from green to purple, which is very beautiful.

Main points of maintenance:

Zixuanyue likes the sun with sufficient sunshine, which is different from other succulent plants. Zixuanyue has more requirements for water.

6 Rainbow Jade

(Picture Author: Angilika Source: Multi -meat)

When the light is sufficient, the jade jade will become red, the color is very beautiful, hanging up with a flower pot, it is even more beautiful!

Main points of maintenance:

The rain of rain is better to be resistant to cold, and it is not afraid of exposure.

7 purple heart

This dreamy purple has made Huahua love unable to extricate themselves. In fact, the color of the purple heart is very rich, from blue and green to orange yellow, from light powder to dream purple, no matter what, it is quite charming!

Main points of maintenance:

Purple heart is like light, resistant to drought, but not very happy. This is the same as most of the succulents. It basically gives sufficient light.

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