Jasmine does not bloom?A few small movements, keep your flowers blooming!

Gardenia does not bloom

Soil is too alkaline

Gardenia likes a slightly acidic soil. Relatively speaking, the northern soil contains high salt content, and the soil is alkaline, which will cause the plant to yellow and affect flowering.

Improvement measures: Before planting gardenia, the soil is treated as acidic. During the maintenance, you can use a sulfate to water the plant, or add a little vinegar when watering!

Lack of light

Gardenia flower likes the sun, but it cannot be shined with light. Improper light (too strong, too weak) can affect flowering.

Improvement measures: When the family maintains gardenia, it can be placed on the south -direction balcony. At least four hours of light time is guaranteed every day. When the summer light is strong, you can cover it properly.

Insufficient fertilization

During the growth of the mast, excessive water and fertilizer will make the plants grow long. If the water and fertilizer are insufficient, the plant does not grow enough nutrients, and the flower buds are difficult to form, resulting in less flowering or flowing. Even blooming, it is easy to fall into flowers and buds. In addition, plants lack phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and too much nitrogen fertilizer will also affect the formation of flower buds.

Improvement measures: When gardenia flowers change the pot, you can add a sufficient amount of organic fertilizer to the bottom of the pot. During the growth period, you can apply thin liquid fertilizer once a month. Potassium dihydrogen phosphate can promote the differentiation of flower buds.

Not trimming for a long time

The vitality of gardenia branches is strong. If it is not trimmed for a long time, the branches will be messy and the nutrient supply will be insufficient, which makes it difficult for flower buds to differentiate. As a result, plants lack nutrients and are difficult to bloom.

Improvement measures: Timely trimming during the growth period, cutting long branches, overlapping branches, weak branches, and timely cutting off to promote the differentiation of flower buds.

Jasmine does not bloom

Soil partial alkali

Like gardenia, Jasmine also likes acidic soil. If the soil is alkaline, it will cause the plant to not bloom.

Improvement measures: Change a pot every year or pour iron sulfate once every half a month. Apply more organic fertilizer and less fertilizer.

Lack of light

Jasmine likes a strong environment. As the saying goes, there is “the unbearable jasmine”. When the light is insufficient, the leaves are small and thin, and it is difficult to form flower buds.

Improvement measures: Put Jasmine in the garden and balcony place to make it more sunny, which is conducive to the germination of flower buds.

Insufficient nutrients

Jasmine is a flower with strong fertilizers. If the fertilizers are insufficient, it is difficult to bloom.

Improvement measures: Entering the flowering period in the summer, every 3 to 5 days, the rotten thin liquid fertilizer is applied once every 3 to 5 days; during the budding of the pregnancy, the organic fertilizer mainly applied every 3 days, such as cake fertilizer water, chicken pigeons, chicken pigeons Tunger, calcium phosphate, bone meal, etc., or spray 0.2%potassium dihydrogen phosphate 1 to 2 times, then the flowers are more colorful and the flavor is stronger.

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