OK or not overnight tea, okay?

Can I pour flowers overnight tea?

The so -called overnight tea refers to the remaining tea and after a night, basically the tea has been fermented overnight at this time. Although it is not a long time for such tea fermentation, it is already slightly acidic. It can be used to pour some of them who like slightly acidicity, such as rhododendrons, spider orchids, and so on. However, it is not suitable for rose flowers, cactus and other alkaline flowers.

How to water the night tea

In fact, everyone can use overnight tea to pour flowers. You can ferment in advance and then use it with rice water, orange peel, etc. in the container, and wait for the fermentation. Suitable for acidic flowers.

If the tea contains tea overnight, everyone should pour the tea into the pot, but don’t pour too much, and don’t pour tea too frequently. After the tea turns dry, it is necessary to turn the soil frequently and bury the tea into the soil. This can play a role in improving the soil and make it more loose.

In addition, the tea in overnight tea can be collected and fermented.

When you should pay attention, if you directly use the tea left in the night tea, pour it into the flower pot or bury it into the soil, it is easy to recruit pests. You need to spray some pests in time to avoid plant victims. Insects of insects, even pests in pests.

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