The difference between Wannian Qing and Queen Silver

Division in the habit of growth

The Queen of Silver likes to grow in a warm and humid environment of the climate, it can’t bear the cold weather, and it can’t bear the drought of the weather. Most of the soils suitable for the growth of the silver queen are mixed with rotten dead leaves and sand. The queen of silver can grow normally in the dark environment. If it can maintain a temperature environment of about 20 degrees, it can grow well.

Wannianqing is also suitable for growing in a humid environment. The climate should be warm and suitable, and the growing environment must have good ventilation. Wannianqing cannot withstand the test of severe cold and heat. It is usually placed in the room where there is reasonable light. When cultivating, the best soil with rotten and dry leaves is best.

Leaf shape distinction

The leaf of the silver queen is relatively narrow, usually a near -elliptical shape, and the leaves will maintain a thick green color all year round. The green leaves are thick and green, and the leaves are relatively large. It is about to be close to the round shape. The leaves usually have stem connections. The queen of silver does not have stems, and the leaves are directly out of the foundation.

Leaf color distinction

The leaf of the silver queen is relatively lighter, the surface is gray -green alternate, the area of ​​the gray station is much more green, there is a green spotted pattern in the middle of the leaves, and then there are green spots on both sides of the blades. The rest are gray green. The green leaves are darker in color, and the surface is like a layer of oil. The middle of the leaves is white, and the green wrap is more eye -catching. Through these, you can effectively identify Wannian and Queen Silver.

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